California Franchise Tax Board Phone Number | Address | Refund

California Franchise Tax Board Phone Number | Address | Refund

The FTB, or say the California Franchise Tax Board carries out the administration and collection of the personal income tax of the state and the income tax and corporate franchise of California. The headquarters of FTB is located in Sacramento, California and it was established in the year 1929. It is an essential part of the California Government Operations Agency. The board is controlled or managed by the director of the Finance department of California, the chairperson of the California Board of Equalization, and the California State Controller. The chief administrative officer is also the executive officer of the FTB.

The main aim of FTB is to make sure that the taxpayers file their tax returns on time, accurately, and with the right amount for funding services that are essential for Canadians. Are you looking for some essential details regarding the State of California franchise tax board? Well, through this piece of information, we shall work on getting all the answers regarding FTB.

How to make payment to California Franchise Tax Board?

The taxpayers can pay their tax amount to the Franchise tax board California through online sources like debit cards, credit cards, etc. Hence, the business or even individual taxpayers can use several online methods for making the payment. In May 2014, the option of using a credit card for making the tax payment was also added. Hence, the payment can be done through debit cards, credit cards, American Express cards, MasterCard, Discover, etc. However, the taxpayer has to pay a convenience fee when using these options for making payments

California FTB offers four ways of making their extension payments, tax payments, or any amount due or advances for the tax returns.

  • Business and individual taxpayers can use Web Pay.
  • Payments through money orders and checks can be sent through the mail.
  • Taxpayers can visit the FTB field offices in person.
  • Through credit cards via official payments corporation.

It should be noted that the taxpayers who would be using the credit cards to make the payment will have to pay the electronic funds transfer or say EFT compulsory.

California Franchise Tax Board
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How to make refunds from the FTB?

If you think you have made an additional payment of your taxes than the amount you owe, you can file a claim to receive your California franchise tax board refund.

For filing your claim for a refund, you can now visit the official website of the California Franchise tax board. All you have to do is simply visit the website and log in with the help of your username along with the password. Once you sign in, click on the Account for which you are willing to claim a refund. Give a click on the tab More link below the section “I Want to”. Next, select the option Submit a Claim for Refund and follow the steps given.

Apart from this online method, the taxpayers can also file for a refund or credit by sending FTB a letter. If you are writing a letter for a refund, the letter should include the following details.

  • The reason why you have paid additional tax.
  • The amount of additional tax paid by you.
  • The reporting period for which you have paid additional tax.

It should be noted that if you are not aware of the additional amount paid, you can still file for an indefinite amount. And the claim can also cover multiple reporting periods.

The claim letter should be properly dated and signed. Again, it is compulsory to mention the phone number in the letter so that the FTB can contact you for any queries. Along with the letter, it is also compulsory to send copies of necessary documents like copies of invoices, exemption certificates, amended returns, etc.

What are the FTB address and contact number?

The taxpayers can contact the California Franchise Tax Board through the mailbox or through the telephone number.

The Franchise tax board California address for sending the mail to different departments is:

For Audit Determination and Refund Section, MIC:39

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration

PO Box 942879

Sacramento, CA 94279-0039

For certified mail or delivery service:

Audit Determination and Refund Section, MIC:39

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration

450 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

For Appeals and Data Analysis Branch MIC:33

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration

PO Box 942879

Sacramento, CA 94279-0033

For Delivery service and certified mail:

Appeals and Data Analysis Branch, MIC:33

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration

450 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

The California franchise tax board phone number is (800) 852-5711 and 916-845-6500 for customers outside the U.S. The hours of operation are from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening from Monday to Friday. The office remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays as well as on other state holidays.

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