California Science Center Ticket Price 2022

California Science Center Ticket Price 2022

The California Science Center is one of the most visited destinations in California. The visitors visit this place for having an entire day of interactive activities. The visitors can encounter the science world exhibitions that explore topics related to ecosystem dynamics of the cosmos and engineering. People who visit here enjoy a saunter in the sculpture garden, try electrifying space-themed simulators, California science center dead sea scrolls, and head towards the roof for experiencing a ride on the high-wire bike.

Are you also willing to visit the California Science Center? Here is a brief article on the center, its attractions, the ticket price, and much more.

How much are tickets to the California Science Center?

Basically, the California science center tickets are completely free of cost. Yes, at the California Science Center, entry to permanent exhibition galleries is totally free. However, if you are planning to visit certain areas of the center, there are some tickets you need to purchase. Here is a detailed list of the price of various areas of the center as per the age of the visitor.

Ticket price for California science center iMax:

  • Adult Member Price: USD 7.95.
  • Adult: USD 8.95.
  • Child: USD 6.75.
  • Child Member Price: USD 5.75.
  • Student/Senior: USD 7.95.
  • Student Member Price: USD 6.95.

iMax ticket price for groups with a minimum of 15 people:

  • Adult: USD 7.95.
  • Child: USD 5.75.
  • Student/Senior: USD 6.95.
  • School (grades K-12): USD 5.00.

California Science Center

Ticket price for King Tut Exhibit:

  • Adult: USD 29.95.
  • Adult Member Price: USD 23.95.
  • Child: USD 19.50.
  • Child Member Price: USD 17.75.
  • Student/Senior: USD 26.95.
  • Student Member Price: USD 17.95.
  • Senior: USD 26.95.
  • Senior Member Price: USD 23.95.

Combo ticket price for King Tut and iMax:

  • Adult: USD 35.45.
  • Adult Member Price: USD 29.90.
  • Child: USD 24.25.
  • Child Member Price: USD 21.70.
  • Student/Senior: USD 31.90.
  • Student Member Price: USD 22.90.
  • Senior: USD 31.90.
  • Senior Member Price: USD 28.90.

Group combo ticket price for King Tut and iMax:

  • Adult (age 18-64): USD 29.90.
  • Youth: USD 21.70.
  • Students: USD 22.90.
  • Senior (age 65+): USD 28.90.
  • Adult Chaperone (K-12 School Group Only): USD 16.45.
  • School Group (K-12 Students Only): USD 16.45.

Group ticket price for King Tut:

  • Adult (age 18-64): USD 23.95.
  • Youth (age 4-17): USD 17.95.
  • Students: USD 17.95.
  • Senior (age 65+): USD 23.95.
  • Adult Chaperone (K-12 School Group Only): USD 12.95.
  • School Group (K-12 Students Only): USD 12.95.

Ticket price for Attractions of the Science center:

  • All three attraction prices: USD 9.
  • High Wire Bicycle: USD 3.
  • Motion-Based Simulator: USD 5.
  • Ecology Cliff Climb: USD 4.

Hence, these were the different prices for visiting the California science center.

California science center parking ticket price:

Apart from all these, the California science center parking price is between USD 12 to USD 15, depending on the vehicle you are parking.

California science center job:

California science center is a reputed informal science education center that is recognized internationally. And the main aim of this center is to kindle curiosity among the people and inspire learning through fun and memorable experiences. And for this, the center welcomes various passionate and highly dedicated people. The eligible candidates can check for California science center job opportunities through both the California science center (State) and California science center foundation (non-profit).

The candidates need to apply through the State application process. They can search for open positions on CalHR on the official website of the center. The average salary of the employees working here in the center is $82,078 depending on the position and experience of the employee. The candidates need to submit the cover letter, resume, salary target, and job application form to the center through email or by fax.

How to Apply for Jobs at California science center?

The center helps with competitive dental, medical, and vision benefits to both the part-time and full-time employees. Again, the center also serves with a 403(b) retirement plan to the employees and the employees can start contributing for the same from the very first month of the joining date. Apart from this, the employees working in this center are eligible for either a free entry or a discounted entry or admission to nearly 350 or more museums and science centers nationwide. The employees working here can also avail of free membership of the science center along with discounted ExploraStore and Trimana Food services.

The California science center and the California science center exhibit are open every day from 10 A.M. in the morning to 5 P.M. in the evening. The center only remains closed on festivals like New Year, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. While the iMax is open from 10 A.M. in the morning to 4 P.M. on Monday to Friday. While on Saturday and Sunday, it is open from 10 A.M. in the morning to 5 P.M. in the evening.

The center can easily be reached through the Metro Expo Line, Metro Red, Purple Lines, or even by cycling.

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