Gas Prices in Southern California Today

Gas Prices in Southern California Today

Looking for Today’s Gas Prices in Southern California? Here is the latest gas price for today from Southern California. You can check Today’s (27th May 2024) Gas Price and Diesel Prices in Southern California here.

Gas Prices in Southern California – 27th May 2024

Current Avg.$5.12$5.33$5.50$5.23
Yesterday Avg.$5.12$5.34$5.51$5.24
Week Ago Avg.$5.20$5.40$5.58$5.26
Month Ago Avg.$5.40$5.62$5.78$5.42
Year Ago Avg.$4.84$5.05$5.20$5.12

FAQs Related to Gas Price in Southern California

How Much is Gas in Southern California?

The Southern California Gas price is mentioned above for regular, Mid grade, and Premium.

What are the gas prices in Southern California?

We have mentioned the Gas Prices in Southern California in above table.

Who is the Gas Company in Southern California?

The Gas Company Which operats and Sells Gas in Southern California is SoCalGas (Southern California Gas Company).

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