How Many National Parks in California?

How Many National Parks in California?

Looking for a new trip completely delimited by nature and absorbed on domestic gateways? Here we are with destination ideas that are full of amazing scenery getting you closer to nature. Yes, we are talking about the amazing West Coast.

Yes, the national parks in California are the right place to plan the next trip which gives you multiple options to make your trip memorable. California consists of a total of 9 national parks and even more in other nearby states.

How Many National Parks in California?

So, are you also interested in planning your next trip to any of the National Parks there? Here we are with complete details about the best national parks in California to make your choice making a little easier.

National Parks in California

#1 Joshua Tree National Park

Spread over an area of around 800000 acres, Joshua Tree National Park is full of twisted trees, massive boulders, starry skies, and cacti. In fact, the main attraction of the national park is the Joshua tree itself. Situated on an intersection of Colorado and the Mojave Desert, this national park in the Southern part of California offers an amazing landscape as well as a sense of peacefulness. The rock formations here have dragged the attention of photographers and social media experts. The best time to visit this national park is from October to May as, during this time period, the weather would be pleasant.

#2 Yosemite National Park

Are you interested in hiking, rock climbing, or wildlife photography? If yes, this is the right destination to be at. Yosemite national park is famous for preserving traditional sequoia trees, waterfalls, granite cliffs, lush valleys, and meadows. The national park is home to various wild animals from black bears to bighorn sheep of Sierra Nevada. The main attraction of the place is the 1200 square mile area for hiking. For rock climbers, Half Dome and El Captain are the two legendary spots that satisfy their interests. The spot also boasts finger-licking restaurants, shops, lodging options, and cultural attractions. The best time to visit here is from April to October.

#3 Redwood National Park

Fantastical, mystic, and enchanting. These are the three words that describe the Redwood national park in a beautiful way. The national park is the main attraction for people who love tree-hugging, camping, and hiking. The national park is visited by thousands of tourists every year for its sky-scrapping trees that are around 2000 years old and grow up to around 350 feet tall. Other attractions of the place include hidden beaches, sand dunes, crashing surf, imposing cliffs, and freshwater rivers. Tourists also visit here for biking and picnics beneath the giant trees, sightseeing pelicans, sea lions, and even whales. Lastly, you can plan your trip here any time as the destination remains pleasant around the year.

#4 Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is among the best national parks in northern California. If you want to visit to a destination that would increase your excitement, Lassen Volcanic National Park is where you need to go. Let me remind you that the last time the park observed the Lassen Peak blasting was before a century. The park gets you close to scorching Sulphur fumaroles, trademark lava rocks, hydrothermal springs, jagged peaks, and gurgling mud pots. No doubt, volcanic eruptions are rare, but the destination gives you a chance to explore flower-filled meadows, glistening lakes, and prolific forests. The best time to visit this national park is from July to October.

Apart from these, there are various other national parks to explore in California which can easily be explored using the national parks in California map.

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