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Problem we need to address

Presentation of Hinduism & Indian Civilization in California K - 12 Schools

There are problems with the way Hinduism and Indian Civilization is portrayed.

  1. Hinduism presented in 6th Grade Textbook lacking in accuracy, factual content and sensitivity.
  2. Indian civilization is not mentioned in 7th Grade World History despite being ~1/3 of the GDP of the world during that time.
  3. California state standards regarding religion & ethnicity are not applied to Hinduism and Indian Civilization.

Learn more by reading a detailed academic paper on this topic

What is being done about it?

The Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) at California Department of Education (CDE) is presently undergoing it’s review of the History and Social sciences curriculum framework. This is something that happens once in 10 years.

This is a once in a 10 year opprtunity to make appropriate and necessary changes.

Hindu groups and individuals have given specific feedback for updating the framework. It helps for the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) at CDE to hear from the community so it knows that the problems are something that the community at-large cares about and is impacted by.

  1. We are sending signed letters from Hindu parents to California Department of Education to show the support for this change.
  2. We are attending meetings of the IQC in Sacramanto to make a public comment. Watch the videos of kids and parents speaking up and raising their concerns.
  3. We are giving inputs to the IQC through the field review process. Last review ended on Nov, 2014. Stay tuned for the next opprtunity to review.

Hindu Kids & Parents are speaking up

Kids speaking up at IQC

Parents speaking up at IQC

Hindu experts comment

Comments from other Hindu Groups

How can YOU participate?

For the month of Jan and early Feb our goal is to send to the IQC at CDE 2,000+ of copies of each of the three letters below with signed names. With participation from all interested Hindus, this goal can easily be reached in no time. We encourage every individual to help with this campaign to gather many signatories to the letters.

Letter about 6th Grade Text Changes

Letter about 7th grade world history

Letter about enforcing content standards

Make your voice be heard!
Sign 3 letters

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Our goal is to send 2,000+ letters signed by California residents to California Department of Education to support this cause.

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